Why Question Travel?

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More Than A Photograph

Venture into something more than a sightseeing tour and immerse yourself in local communities. We don’t believe in seeing the world's beauty from the inside of a bus. We get you out on the ground and integrated into the communities.

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Create Your Own Story

This is your adventure! With our experienced travel leaders by your side you can create your own story. We set you up with the freedom and opportunity to create a lasting experience you will never forget.

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Adventure Within Reach

No need for the extra frills - your tour fits your budget. We get you to beautiful destinations with an experienced guide and great group by your side. Decide what to take part in from our list of add-ons and free group activities!


Travel Savings Made Easy

We know how hard it can be to save and we have a solution. Our partner Your Travel Fund will give you a head start toward your next adventure. Sign up for our newsletter for more information!

Blaze Your Own Trail

Create a lifestyle. We want your help to reinvent travel and blaze new trails all over the world. You can help us develop a new lifestyle experience to share with travelers from around the world.

Customize Your Tour

You have a dream destination in mind and a great group of friends to travel with. Let us make it all a reality. Before you know it you will be surrounded by your best friends living the ultimate dream.


What type of traveller are you?

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You want to travel with a purpose. You want to experience a new lifestyle to its fullest. You are an adventurer interested in learning new skills, or fine tuning old ones. Yoga retreats, surf camps, photography expeditions, business skills from abroad, Question Travel partners with masters of a variety of lifestyles to bring you an exhilarating, rewarding style of travel.

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You have a destination in mind. You are travelling with friends or travelling on your own hoping to make new friends. You want to share eye opening experiences and exhilarating adventures with people from around the world. Question Travel offers group tours around the globe that focus on an immersive approach to travel with the goal of connecting travelers with their surroundings.

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You are comfortable travelling with little guidance and want to see the world at your own pace. You enjoy the peace and quiet of adventuring on your own and interacting with others when the time is right for you. Question Travel offers packages that set you up all the basics and information needed. The rest of your adventure is up to you, explore as quick or slow as you want!


Put the details behind you and get lost in adventure. Question Travel tours cover all the must haves while giving you the freedom to be flexible!


No hiding in tourist hubs! Experience local traditions and learn about your destination.

This is your adventure. No pressure, no required activities. Question Travel guides you as you create your own story.

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Take the road less traveled and become engaged in your surroundings. All the must-do experiences coupled with unique adventures.

Adventure doesn’t happen in the seat of a coach bus. We specifically develop our tours to include as little travel time as possible between destinations.


Put the details behind you and get lost in adventure. Question Travel tours cover all the must haves while giving you the freedom to be flexible!