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Vietnam Big City, Little Beach

from $600.00

Take in the jewel of Southeast Asia as you explore Vietnam from its cultural & historical center of Ho Chi Minh City to the beautiful sandy beaches of Phu Quoc.


Our Big City, Little Island tour takes you from the megacity of Ho Chi Minh City to the tropical paradise of Phu Quoc. Vietnam is a country with intriguing cultural complexities and compelling adventures found around every corner. Explore ancient temples throughout the country while exploring the diverse cultures and history behind this East Asian power.

Vietnam has it all, from bustling cities to beautiful beaches, this rich destination leaves so much open to be discovered.

What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
This independent tour offers two levels of accommodation – hotel or hostel. The accommodation level will change the price of your trip, select your preference while booking.
Don’t worry for a minute; you will have continued support available from the Question Travel team while on your trip.
Transportation between Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc Island is including in this tour.
We will send you a comprehensive information package covering everything you need to know to travel comfortably from top activities to important cultural norms.
You will create memories and friendships that will be impossible to forget. Vietnam will be an adventure to remember.


Remember this is your trip! We offer a vast array of activities but nothing is mandatory. Want to take a beach day instead of an offered activity? Do you! Take it easy and enjoy yourself.

As an independent tour the itinerary suggested below is completely optional. Our experienced team with work with you to construct a tour that fits your specific needs. Whether this means a shorter trip or a different level of accommodation, we will make a tour just for you.

Question Travel embraces a culture of open-ended itineraries that lets you focus on what makes you happiest! Our tours are built with the quality of the experience in mind. One individual may spend a whole day exploring an offered activity while the next may only need a few hours. Engage in the freedom of travel and cultivate the adventure you have always wanted!

Let us do the hard work while you focus on enjoying yourself and exploring the beautiful destinations we pass through.


  1. Day 1

    Arrive at your destination and get settled into your accommodation. Review your information packet and get ready to explore!

  2. Day 2 - 6

    Explore Ho Chi Minh City on your own or take part in some of our suggested activities.

    On Day 6 you will travel to the island of Phu Quoc and get setup in your new accommodation.

  3. Day 7 - 12

    Take your time enjoying the beautiful beaches or take part in some of our other suggested activities.

  4. Day 13

    That’s a wrap! Squeeze in a last minute activity and check our of your accommodation.


Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Travel Visas
  • Spending money
  • Optional Activities
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transfers
  • Food & Drink