Terms & Conditions


Through contacting Question Travel for assistance with tour arrangements you have agreed to receive information and quoted in regards to but not limited to: the booking of accommodation, flights, activities and guide services. 

Tours and services offered by Question Travel are conditional based upon the fact that I have read and understand the terms and conditions. 

You confirm that you have read, understood and agree upon the following terms and conditions:

  1. Question Travel is limited in liability based upon the fact that you will be visiting a foreign country with its own laws and customs. Question Travel will be engaging subcontractors on your behalf.
  2. You understand that laws may be different in your intended destination than in your home country. Inappropriate or illegal conduct will not be tolerated. Any breach of local law will immediately result in the termination of all agreements with Question Travel and no further services will be provided. 
  3. You understand that Question Travel is NOT responsible for your personal belongings that you take on your tour. Your belongings may be at risk of theft or damage and it suggested that you purchase insurance to cover any mishaps. 
  4. You understand that you must be in possession of a valid passport. Documentation required for travel to an International destination for Canadian Citizens is as follows: Valid Canadian Passport is required. It is recommended that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return date. Entry to another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete.
  5. You understand you must be in possession of all visas, permits, insurance certificates, vaccination certificates, and other documentation that may be required for your tour. You accept full responsibility for acquiring the documentation necessary to enter your destination of choice. 
  6. You understand that any advice given by Question Travel is purely a courtesy. You are responsible for ensuring you have all the necessary documentation in order to enter your destination of choice. Question Travel is not responsible for any errors & omissions.
  7. You are responsible to acquire the necessary insurance prior to your departure for out of country illness and injury, trip cancellation, emergency repatriation, and so on. 
  8. You understand Question Travel is limited to the liability of an ordinary tour operator. Question Travel chooses the best sub-contractors with outstanding reputations but is limited to their location in Canada. Question Travel is not a licensed tour operator outside of Canada and engages sub-contractors and agents to assist during tours. 
  9. You understand you are to assume the normal risks of travel while in your intended destination. Participation in activities you choose may result in accidents, property damage, serious bodily injuries, and fatalities can occur during travel. You confirm that participation in any activities is at your own risk and Question Travel cannot be held responsible for accidents. 
  10. You understand that travel on highways, railways, streets, water bodies and in the air can be dangerous and you do so at your own risk. Question Travel cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur. 
  11. You understand that the weather cannot be predicted at all times. Question Travel cannot be held responsible for interruptions to your tour, flights or other travel caused by inclement weather. 

Price Guarantees

Quoted rates for any offered services are not guaranteed until booked and paid for. 

Airport taxes, passport & visa fees, airport & ferry transfers to tour departure points, insurance, laundry, phone calls, beverages, meals, tips, local purchases, personal items, excess baggage fees, optional activities and excursions are not included in the listed price unless stated otherwise upon booking. 


You understand that some promotions cannot be combined with other sales or promotions. Unless stated otherwise only one promotion may be used per booking.


Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of deposit or full payment, subject to availability and our discretion. Reservations are not considered confirmed and accepted until you receive communication stating so.

Cancellations & Changes

You understand that Question Travel reserves the right to cancel any tour. If the cancellation is initiated by Question Travel you may choose to get a full refund or choose another departure date.

You further understand Question Travel reserves the right to make adjustments to itineraries, departure dates, or return dates without refund due to circumstances out of Question Travel’s control due to the actions of partners, airlines, or subcontractors. Such adjustments may be required due to incidences of dangerous weather, natural disaster, war, and otherwise. 

Cancellations initiated by you, the customer, will fall in line with the policy listed below:

Cancellation with less than 30 days until departure: 100% of the paid booking is forfeited.

Cancellation with 30 to 60 days until departure: 50% percent of the paid booking is forfeited.

Cancellation with 60 to 90 days until departure: 25% of the paid booking is forfeited.

Cancellation with 90 or more days until departure: 100% of the paid booking is refunded minus deposit.

Cancelled Flights Policy for all Tours:

If you are cancelling any tour at any time after your flights have been booked by us, you will be subject to a flight cancellation fee that varies depending on the airline, as well as an administrative fee from Question Travel of $100.

I understand that Question Travel is not to be held responsible for the cancellation of any connecting flights and/or any fees that result from missing the first flight of my booking or fail to show up for another flight on a multi-segment booking.

Accommodation Conditions

Question Travel aims to offer a safe, clean and enjoyable environment for customers during all tours.

  1. Passengers are required to advise Question Travel, in advance, of any special needs that may require special accommodations. 
  2. You are responsible for any costs as a result of damage or extra cleaning required in your accommodation upon departure. You are advised to inspect and report any pre-existing damage to Question Travel immediately upon checking in.

Travel Advisories

Canadian residents can seek out travel advice and advisories at https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories